7 Easy To Follow Steps For The Best Lip Filler Results

7 Easy To Follow Steps For The Best Lip Filler Results

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What Is Lip Filler? Lip filler is a cosmetic procedure that involves dermal filler being injected into various portions of the patient’s lips. The goal is to create larger looking and feeling lips. Lip filler may smooth out any fine lines and lips can remain plump for an average of six to 12 months. To keep your lips full and looking great, follow these seven tips! 7 Tricks For The Best Filler Results Don’t go too big The first mistake patients make when getting lip filler is going too big too quickly. Depending on the original size of your lips, … Continue reading

Who Should Do Your Botox And Filler

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Both botox and filler aim to provide clients with a youthful glow by smoothing fine lines and preventing wrinkles. With such big promises, there can be an expensive price tag along with it. Is that professional price worth it or is it better to look for cheap options? What is Botox Before we decide who should do your botox and filler, you need to determine if you want botox, or if you want filler; there are some key differences. Botox is an injectable drug that has many uses. It is commonly used in the face, underarms, and neck. When used … Continue reading

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This clinic is the best I have ever been to. The staff at the front really cool people and the doctor was totally right on and helped me alot. The best place I have been to and the best doctor I have seen in years. Will go back to this place anytime.
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