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Prenatal Care Calgary AB

Prenatal Care

Prenatal health care in Calgary, AB

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times of a woman’s life, but it is also full of questions and changes. At Vanguard Medical & Aesthetic Clinic in Calgary, AB, we are here to help guide you through this time and provide prenatal care services to monitor the health of you and your developing baby.

The importance of prenatal health care

Routine prenatal care is important not only for the health of your growing baby but also for you. At our prenatal clinic, we see you throughout your pregnancy to ensure that your baby is developing properly and to monitor your health and wellbeing. Regular prenatal care helps us detect any issues early, should they arise, so that you and your baby can receive the proper care and attention that is needed. Your prenatal care provider can also direct you to important resources and information for each stage of your pregnancy.

What to expect at your prenatal visits

In addition to taking the time to answer any questions that you have or discussing any concerns that may have arisen since your last visit, many of your prenatal visits will involve the same tests and procedures, such as:

  • Urine tests to check for protein and sugar in your urine
  • Taking your weight
  • Measuring your blood pressure
  • Listening to the baby’s heartbeat once it is detectable
  • As your pregnancy progresses, measuring the baby’s growth and checking on the baby’s position

Additionally, at various times throughout your pregnancy, we may recommend other types of exams or tests, such as:

  •         Having an ultrasound examination to check on your baby’s growth and anatomy
  •         Blood tests
  •         Genetic screenings
  •         Glucose testing for gestational diabetes
  •         Group B Streptococcus (GBS) screening

We are also here to provide advice on what to avoid and what to consume during your pregnancy, such as what to look for in a prenatal vitamin, the healthiest foods for you and your baby, and which foods you should not eat while pregnant. 

We are here to support you

If you are pregnant or even trying to become pregnant, we encourage you to call Vanguard Medical & Aesthetic Clinic in Calgary today at (403) 250-9509 to learn more about our prenatal services and care. 

Dr. Folake Pepple, Medical Director

Vanguard Medical & Aesthetic ClinicDr. Folake Pepple, MBBS, LMCC, MRCGP Connect with Dr. Folake Pepple on Linkedin

First impressions matter and a person’s appearance plays a great role in the first impression they would make. That is why you need to look your best at all times. Dr. Folake Pepple and the team at Vanguard Medical and Aesthetic Clinic in Calgary understand this reality well. The broad range of cosmetic treatment options we offer, from skincare to hair care, from Botox to Coolsculpting, are meant to give you a boost, both in looks and confidence. We also provide medical services for the whole family and prenatal care. Consult us to look and feel your best.

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