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Skin Rejuvenation Calgary

Skin Rejuvenation

Calgary, AB complexions look refreshed with modern skin rejuvenation techniques

Skin is a vital barrier between your delicate internal organs and harsh environmental forces. Over time, that takes a toll on the visible condition of your complexion. Vanguard Medical & Aesthetic Clinic in Calgary, AB offers a variety of skin rejuvenation techniques to restore healthy, youthful balance to what is possibly your most noticeable characteristic.

What is skin rejuvenation?

“Rejuvenate” can be defined as making something look or feel fresher, younger, or more vital. That aptly describes skin rejuvenation treatment at Vanguard Medical & Aesthetic Clinic.

Skin rejuvenation benefits include:

  • Collagen remodeling – Increased production and more even dispersion of this fibrous protein in deeper skin layers. Collagen helps to keep skin thick, firm, and resilient to resist wrinkles and sags.
  • Hydration – Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring carbohydrate that binds with water molecules. Supplementing HA in skin keeps it plump and hydrated from the inside.
  • Exfoliation – Your body replaces about 40,000 skin cells every hour! They are pushed to the surface as new cells form in skin’s deepest layers. Dead cells dull the complexion and may contribute to acne. Exfoliation whisks them away for brighter, clearer skin.
  • Tone and texture improvement – Skin rejuvenation refines coarse skin texture, leaving it softer and smoother with smaller pores. It also fades pigmentation irregularities such as sunspots, freckles, melasma, diffuse redness, red spots, and facial veins.

Options in skin rejuvenation in Calgary, AB

Our aesthetic team understands that every complexion and lifestyle is different. We create customized skin rejuvenation protocols tailored to whatever your skin needs in order to feel comfortable and look radiant.

Skin resurfacing (elimination of outermost layers with microdermabrasion or laser ablation) can be a good choice for removal of brown or red discoloration. Laser skin rejuvenation and IPL facials also have skin tightening benefits, as the energy penetrates beyond superficial skin, stimulating collagen production. Microneedling is an excellent solution for acne scarring, as well as overall complexion improvement.

At Vanguard Medical & Aesthetic Clinic, you can also count on a daily skin care routine personalized to your needs – anti-aging, acne-prone, or sensitive.

If you are looking for a rejuvenation clinic in the Calgary, AB area to help you love your skin again, call (403) 250-9509.

Dr. Folake Pepple, Medical Director

Vanguard Medical & Aesthetic ClinicDr. Folake Pepple, MBBS, LMCC, MRCGP Connect with Dr. Folake Pepple on Linkedin

First impressions matter and a person’s appearance plays a great role in the first impression they would make. That is why you need to look your best at all times. Dr. Folake Pepple and the team at Vanguard Medical and Aesthetic Clinic in Calgary understand this reality well. The broad range of cosmetic treatment options we offer, from skincare to hair care, from Botox to Coolsculpting, are meant to give you a boost, both in looks and confidence. We also provide medical services for the whole family and prenatal care. Consult us to look and feel your best.

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