Botox is a common procedure that helps eliminate facial wrinkles and restores a youthful appearance. Botox treatments are fairly simple and do not require extended periods of time for recovery. Because of this, as well as the fantastic results, Botox has become a well-known aesthetic treatment that people have grown to trust. Over the years there have been many speculations about Botox treatments, as well as many myths. To help clear up any confusion these may cause, we will review five of the more common myths about Botox below.

Botox gives you an expressionless appearance

It is very common for people to be afraid of Botox injections as they feel they will be given a permanent “frozen” expression on their face. In reality, it is possible for this to occur, but it is not the treatment that causes this, it is the amount used. That expressionless look that people worry about is caused by overdosing, which usually happens when people have Botox injected by individuals that are not trained properly. This is why we always suggest getting Botox injected by a doctor as they know the right amount to inject and where to inject it for their patients to maintain a natural look.

Botox can erase all facial wrinkles

Botox can not remove all facial wrinkles, the two types of wrinkles that can be found on people’s bodies are static wrinkles and dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are easy to remove but static wrinkles can still be present even after a Botox treatment. These kinds of wrinkles can be removed by fillers, lasers and other medical aesthetic treatments.

Taking Botox regularly and then stopping can lead to worse wrinkles

This is false, taking Botox for a while won’t lead to your body constantly needing the treatment. If you stop having your regular Botox appointment, your wrinkles will begin to come back, but that does not mean that they will come back in a shape that was worse than before.

Botox is addictive

There are no addictive properties to Botox treatments. Botox treatments are completely harmless and do not lead to any addiction issues. The reason why people continue to take Botox is because it improves their self-image, making them feel and look more youthful leading to them feeling happier and more confident.

Botox injections are painful

Botox injections are relatively painless and in many cases there are no side effects. During the procedure, you will have a needle injected a few millimetres below the surface of your skin for a short amount of time, during this you may feel a small pinching sensation. Furthermore, the procedure does not take more than a few minutes, so if you are nervous about your appointment, or do not like needles, you won’t have to worry long.

Hopefully the above information helped clear up some of the mythes you have heard about Botox treatments. If you are interested in learning more about Botox or have any questions contact our clinic to set up your no obligation consultation.