IUD Clinic & PAP Smear

Welcome to our Calgary medical clinic, where our team (which includes multiple female physicians) offer specialized services for women such as IUD Clinic and PAP Smear.

Our top priority is to provide confidential, compassionate, and empathic healthcare to fit your specific needs and assure your well-being.

You can rely on our skilled team to give you with excellent care in a welcoming and friendly environment.

How We Can Help

At Vanguard Medical Clinic, we firmly believe in delivering compassionate care to all women. Our team of dedicated female physicians understand the value of having a kind and understanding healthcare practitioner.

We take pride in providing well-woman medical treatments, such as IUD and PAP clinics, in addition to comprehensive family medicine. Our primary priority are your comfort and well-being, and we are dedicated to providing a friendly and nurturing atmosphere for all of our patients.

how vanguard medical can help with iud and pap smear

Let Us Be Your Partner in Achieving Optimal Health and Wellness!

Let Us Be Your Partner in Achieving Optimal Health and Wellness!

what to expect at your iud and pap smear appointment

What to Expect at Your Visits

We know that healthy daughters, sisters, mothers, and community leaders are produced by healthy women. All women can receive confidential and compassionate care at Vanguard Medical Clinic’s IUD clinic and PAP smear.

To prevent pregnancy, an intrauterine device is implanted into the uterus. This long-term birth control method is incredibly effective and simple to remove, should you decide to conceive.

Our clinic offers:

  • Family planning education
  • Consultation and assessment to determine if you are a candidate for an IUD
  • Placement of the device
  • Follow-up care
  • Removal

The doctors at Vanguard Medical Clinic will advise you on how frequently you should undergo a PAP test based on your:

  • Age
  • Sexual behaviour and way of life
  • Condition of health
  • PAP findings in the past

There is minimal to no discomfort associated with the treatment. The doctor extracts cells from the cervix with care. A lab examines the samples for aberrant cells.

Vanguard Aesthetic Clinic

The broad range of cosmetic treatment options we offer, from skincare to hair care, from Fillers to CoolSculpting®, are meant to give you a boost, both in looks and confidence.