When we get older, we start to lose the tact from our faces that helps make us look youthful. Our cheeks, which used to be full and high, are now sinking. This can create a triangular- shaped flat spot that can look darkened and deflated. Most of us will also lose volume in the orbs of our eyes, which can result in eye circles that can also be dark in appearance. We can also lose volume in other areas of our face, like our lips. This lost volume causes the face to fall and will contribute to wrinkles and folds that can appear on the face. Even when we are young, a lack of volume can make us look tired.

Lost volume in the face can be fixed easily with the use of dermal fillers. This popular procedure is able to restore the round contours and shape of the face you had when you were younger. Fillers can also be used to create volume where it never was. A professional injector will be able to place the perfect consistency and amount of filler to replace or create volume in the areas of the face that would benefit you the most.

Your results will be instant and look natural.

As we age, we will also develop wrinkles and lines, which will eventually be permanently etched into our features. They result from the natural expressions that animate the face. We frown,
raise our eyebrows, smile, squint and pucker our lips. Being animated is a good thing, of course, but the deep lines that are a result can make us look angry or stressed when we are really happy.

There is a class of medications known as neuromodulators that are able to relax muscles to make us look more youthful in appearance. Neuromodulators have been used for many years to help treat medical conditions. In small doses for cosmetic purposes, they are used to relax crow’s feet found around the eyes and frown lines and horizontal lines in your forehead. They can also be used to relax lip lines, neck bands, bunny lines on the nose, gummy smiles, and masculine jawlines, and more. Neuromodulators currently being used include Botox, Dysport and Xeomin. These are popular among men and women and are most used in the cosmetic treatment world.

Our physician and nurse injectors use advanced treatment techniques to make sure that our clients are as comfortable as possible. There are some areas of the face that need a high degree of precision, and for these areas we transfer the filler into smaller needles before we inject it. In areas like the lips, numbing cream will first be applied in order to desensitize the skin. In other areas, we might choose to avoid needles and use a micro-cannula in order to place the filler. A micro-cannula, also known as the ouchless needle, is small with a rounded tip. The rounded tip results in a more comfortable sensation with less risk of bruising.