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Unveil your natural radiance and embrace the beauty that lies within you at our state-of-the-art aesthetic clinic. Our team is dedicated to enhancing your unique features, leaving you feeling confident and revitalized.

Appearance, of course, plays a big role in the first impression others form when they meet you. Feeling good about how you look is also important to self-esteem and confidence.

Finding an aesthetic doctor, who offers a broad range of cosmetic options, as well as family medical services, is easy at Vanguard Aesthetic Clinic in Calgary.

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Take the First Step Towards a More Vibrant You!

Take the First Step Towards a More Vibrant You!

Most Popular Treatments


Experience firm, smooth, and youthful skin transformation with our minimally invasive injectable solution.


A non-surgical solution to target stubborn fat in specific areas, resistant to healthiest lifestyles and regular exercise.


Break free from waxing, shaving, and tweezing with our effective treatment, for permanently smooth, hair-free liberation.

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Monthly payments available on all treatments and packages of $1000+

Why Choose Us

First impressions matter and a person’s appearance plays a great role in the first impression they would make.

That is why you need to look your best at all times. Dr.Folake Pepple and the team at Vanguard Aesthetic Clinic understand this reality well.

We encourage you to feel the difference at our aesthetic clinic. Let us help you unlock your full beauty potential and embrace a more confident, radiant you.

Schedule your consultation today and embark on a transformative aesthetic journey with us. We look forward to welcoming you into our family!

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Client Testimonials

Kirsten Mitchell
May 2, 2023
Dr. Kennedy did my IUD, she is absolutely amazing and so respectful.
Taylor Smart
January 9, 2023
Just had my first appointment and I was blown away. Everyone was so fantastic and Dr. Nkole was Incredible. Other doctors have pushed my request cause of my age and he requested the tests I wanted without question. I am so relieved and beyond thankful. Honestly, I can’t imagine being a health care worker in this time and everyone was so caring. Thank you for your continued care.
November 3, 2022
By far the best clinic in calgary:) i love all the staff here
Naman S
December 27, 2021
Honestly, if I could give a hundred stars, I totally would for Dr. Christopher Greene. He was super friendly, empathetic and wise in regards to my little skin issue which got resolved in less than 2 weeks. I now got one less problem because of Dr. Greene. Highly recommended!
November 22, 2021
Had a great experience with Dr Hunter who answered all my questions and provided me with results! Also, front desk was amazing and very easy to get a hold of! Thank you!
June 10, 2021
The doctor was very informative.

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Our team of physicians, including Board-certified doctors with decades of combined experience, treat common ailments from colds and flu to skin conditions and sports injuries.