What Is Lip Filler?

Lip filler is a cosmetic procedure that involves dermal filler being injected into various portions of the patient’s lips. The goal is to create larger looking and feeling lips. Lip filler may smooth out any fine lines and lips can remain plump for an average of six to 12 months. To keep your lips full and looking great, follow these seven tips!

7 Tricks For The Best Filler Results

Don’t go too big

The first mistake patients make when getting lip filler is going too big too quickly. Depending on the original size of your lips, your doctor will inject different amounts of filler. Over time, you can work up the size of your lips, but you won’t go from tiny to massive with one session.

Be consistent

If your goal is to retain plump lips, you may need multiple visits to touch up the lips after a few months. Each session, you can discuss with your doctor if you would like to go bigger or keep your lips the same size.

Have realistic expectations

If you think that getting lip filler is going to drastically change your life, you may be disappointed with the results. With realistic expectations, you will get the best results. Getting lip filler for the first time won’t turn you into Kylie Jenner. Lip filler takes about five days before you can see the true effects. What you can expect is to feel more confident in your lips and facial shape.

Apply ice

After injections, you may notice some swelling around the area and maybe even in your mouth. Apply ice to the area to slow the swelling and provide pain relief. Applying ice can give you your desired results sooner by decreasing swelling more rapidly.

Stay hydrated

Drink water before and after your appointment. This can promote healing and keep the skin hydrated. This can improve the appearance of both skin and lips. Drinking water is essential for hyaluronic acid filler treatments especially. Since hyaluronic acid attracts water, drinking more water can make them more plump.

Avoid exercise for 48 hours

Avoiding exercise can help prevent bruising on your face and around the injection area. Without the proper downtime, you could experience a longer, more painful healing process. Talk to your doctor about exercising after your injections.

Find a good doctor

Finding a doctor that is reputable, that you can trust, and that you like can be a challenge, but it is well worth the effort. If you opt for a doctor who is just okay, you could end up with results you weren’t looking for, ones that don’t last, or even worse, completely botched. Vanguard Medical & Aesthetic clinic prides ourselves on providing exceptional service. We guarantee you will be more than happy with your results, as have all of our customers.

If you have any questions about lip filler or any of our other services, contact Vanguard Medical clinic for more information!