Both botox and filler aim to provide clients with a youthful glow by smoothing fine lines and preventing wrinkles. With such big promises, there can be an expensive price tag along with it. Is that professional price worth it or is it better to look for cheap options?

What is Botox

Before we decide who should do your botox and filler, you need to determine if you want botox, or if you want filler; there are some key differences. Botox is an injectable drug that has many uses. It is commonly used in the face, underarms, and neck. When used on the face, the botox is injected under the skin and prevents the nerves from communicating with local muscles, preventing the contraction and therefore lessening facial movement, the creator of wrinkles. Botox, while highly cosmetic, can also be used to treat excessive armpit sweating. Once again, the nerves do not communicate in the local area and prevent the message that tells the body to sweat. Botox also can be used to prevent muscle spasms in the neck and eye area. One Botox shot lasts around three to six months and costs around $500 to $800 per session.

What is filler

Filler is a little different than Botox. Filler can be injected just about anywhere and aims to plump the appearance of where it is injected. Common filler injections include the lips, under-eye, nose, cheeks, and jaw. Filler can create an illusion that there is fat in an area that there is not. Filler provides definition to areas that lack and fills in space in your face that you want to minimize. There are different types of filler and each comes with varying price tags. You can expect to pay around $600-$1,000 for a syringe of filler. Fillers last typically between six months and two years.

Why it’s important to have a professional do your filler and Botox

Filler and botox both conclude with outstanding client results, though if done improperly, can have dire consequences. Because botox is a nerve blocking injection, if injected improperly, it can cause long term paralysis. Filler is also dangerous as it, when done improperly, can migrate and make a client’s face deformed. Not to mention dissolving improper filler can be challenging. Always go to a professional and licenced clinic. Your doctor will know what they are doing and can inject the products safely. A cheaper price tag is not worth the potential damages that come with improper injection.

Who should do your filler and Botox?

Make sure you research wherever you are going for filler, call and ask questions to make sure you feel comfortable. Vanguard Medical and Aesthetic Clinic, located in Calgary, is always more than happy to answer any questions with regards to our treatments. Call today to book an appointment or have your questions answered!