CoolSculpting is a newly developed, scientifically proven, non-invasive treatment of getting rid of fat from problem areas by using the cold to freeze it away and destroy the fat cells. Keep reading for some of the most commonly asked questions about CoolSculpting.

How was CoolSculpting developed?

The science behind CoolSculpting is known as cryolipolysis and it was created by doctors Dieter Manstein and Rox Anderson. These doctors and their team conducted research, which shows that subcutaneous fat cells are more vulnerable to the cold than the tissue surrounding them. Then it was discovered that long term and controlled cooling of the tissue can reduce fat cells along with subcutaneous fat without causing damage to the skin.

How is the cooling treatment delivered to the fat cells?

During your procedure, your doctor will attach an applicator to the target area, which will extract the energy from the fat tissues underneath it. The system uses a specially designed vacuum cup, placed between two cooling panels and the heat is extracted. These applicators will be connected to a control console, which monitors and controls the cooling through your procedure.

How can I tell if the CoolSculpting Procedure is right for me?

CoolSculpting is designed for individuals who want to lose fat in targeted areas. This is different from weight loss surgery. This procedure is not designed for those who are considered medically obese. You are the right patient for CoolSculpting if you have fat or bulges in areas that you do not want them in. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction.

How does CoolSculpting compare to other invasive procedures?

Results from CoolSculpting will not be as dramatic compared to results from other invasive procedures such as liposuction. This procedure benefits those who are looking for a pain-free alternative that has fewer risks. Recovery treatments are also much less time with CoolSculpting than other surgical procedures.

How long are CoolSculpting treatments and how many are necessary?

Every patient is different and will need an individualized treatment plan created by an experienced physician. The plan will be designed around your specific and unique goals. The length of time for each treatment will depend on the number of areas you want treatment on in one visit. The treatment sessions can range from 35 to 60 minutes, unless you are having more than one treatment at a time.

What are the expected results from CoolSculpting treatment?

CoolSculpting results in measurable and noticeable fat reduction shown in clinical studies. The reduction will occur over a two to four month time period. Some patients will need additional procedures after their initial procedure is performed to gain more significant fat reduction.

What happens after the CoolSculpting procedure?

After your procedure, you will need to schedule a follow-up assessment with your specialist to review your results and determine if any more treatments are necessary. After this, you will want to maintain a healthier lifestyle, although no special diets are necessary. Feel free to be happy with your results.