Sculptra is a good choice for those who want to seem younger without the visible indications of cosmetic operations.

This cutting-edge treatment works with your body’s natural processes to rejuvenate your skin by replenishing lost collagen, a key protein that provides structure to cells and tissues.

Sculptra results can last up to two years, providing a subtle and long-lasting improvement that helps you look and feel your best.

Is Sculptra® for You?

Sculptra can be used to treat moderate to deep facial wrinkles as well as depressed skin regions. It also serves to enhance and soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and is particularly helpful for nasolabial folds, cheek hollows, marionette lines, and chin wrinkles.

Because of collagen loss, the dermis thins with age, reducing the skin’s capacity to keep elasticity and resulting in skin that is less supple, less elastic, and has less volume. Sculptra stimulates collagen formation, restoring your skin’s suppleness and decreasing the indications of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Sculptra, like many other dermal fillers, is utilized as a volumizing treatment, but it can also be used as a contouring therapy. As we age, the bones in our faces become more prominent, giving us a hollow appearance. Sculptra helps soften the appearance of your facial bones by restoring volume and reducing the hollow appearance.
is sculptra for you?

Revitalize Your Youth with Sculptra® Today and Rediscover Your Natural Beauty!

Revitalize Your Youth with Sculptra® Today and Rediscover Your Natural Beauty!

how sculptra works

How Sculptra® Works

Sculptra is made of poly-L-lactic acid, a biocompatible, biodegradable synthetic polymer that is gradually and naturally absorbed by the body and helps to replace missing collagen through a series of treatments performed by a skilled professional.

The treatment is injected into the appropriate dermal plane, where collagen strands support the structure of your skin. Sculptra helps the body replace lost collagen over time.

The number of injection appointments and the number of injections per appointment vary based on the amount of collagen loss. On average, three injection visits are required over a few months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • It stimulates collagen formation in your skin, which helps to decrease the effects of ageing.
  • Results show gradually as your body metabolizes the major active component, allowing you to obtain a more natural-looking finish.
  • Long-term outcomes. A recent study found that the effects lasted for more than two years. At 25 months, 86% of patients had maintained their gains.

Dr. Pepple will evaluate your area of concern and discuss your medical history during your consultation.

The region will be cleaned just before the treatment, and you will be given a topical anaesthetic to numb the area before to injection. Dr. Pepple will precisely inject a little amount of Sculptra beneath the skin.

Unlike other dermal fillers, which produce practically immediate results, Sculptra produces results gradually as your body metabolises the poly-L-lactic acid and encourages collagen formation.

Mild bruising and swelling may occur in some patients, but they are transient and should go away after a few days of treatment. You will be given post-treatment instructions. You will be able to resume your daily activities immediately following therapy.

Although they are uncommon, dangers or side effects are possible with all cosmetic operations. Sculptra side effects include:

  • Itching
  • Bruising and swelling
  • Discolouration of the skin
  • Any discomfort or pain
  • Under-the-skin lumps or bumps
In contrast to other cosmetic procedures, Sculptra injections are noninvasive and have a comparatively rapid recovery period. You may experience soreness and minor bruising at the injection site for a few days.

After receiving the injection, wait at least 24 hours before engaging in any vigorous activities. After the operation, you’ll feel well enough to resume your regular activities.

When selecting a cosmetic treatment provider, it’s crucial to engage with a highly skilled expert who will provide you with results that seem natural in a secure setting.

Dr. Folake Pepple uses cutting-edge injectable procedures at Vanguard Aesthetic Clinic to replace lost volume and sculpt your face to give you back a more youthful appearance.

Don’t wait to reveal your youthful glow! Experience the transformative power of Sculptra and embrace a more radiant you. Click here or call (403) 250-9509 to schedule a complimentary aesthetic consultation embark on your journey to timeless beauty.

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Kirsten Mitchell
May 2, 2023
Dr. Kennedy did my IUD, she is absolutely amazing and so respectful.
Taylor Smart
January 9, 2023
Just had my first appointment and I was blown away. Everyone was so fantastic and Dr. Nkole was Incredible. Other doctors have pushed my request cause of my age and he requested the tests I wanted without question. I am so relieved and beyond thankful. Honestly, I can’t imagine being a health care worker in this time and everyone was so caring. Thank you for your continued care.
November 3, 2022
By far the best clinic in calgary:) i love all the staff here
Naman S
December 27, 2021
Honestly, if I could give a hundred stars, I totally would for Dr. Christopher Greene. He was super friendly, empathetic and wise in regards to my little skin issue which got resolved in less than 2 weeks. I now got one less problem because of Dr. Greene. Highly recommended!
November 22, 2021
Had a great experience with Dr Hunter who answered all my questions and provided me with results! Also, front desk was amazing and very easy to get a hold of! Thank you!
June 10, 2021
The doctor was very informative.

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