Fractora™ RF Microneedling

Discover the strength of Fractora Microneedling RF at the Calgary Vanguard Aesthetic Clinic. By bridging the gap between fractional lasers and surgical treatments, this cutting-edge process provides a complete answer for your skin’s requirements.

Your complexion is given a fresh start thanks to Fractora, which successfully targets active cystic acne, acne scars, and uneven skin texture. Fractora is exceptionally effective at treating active acne, unlike many other lasers.

It not only fights the effects of ageing but also restores your young appearance by revitalizing the collagen synthesis process in your skin.

Is Fractora™ RF Microneedling for You?

All ages, genders, skin types, and tones are safe for RF microneedle treatment, which can be applied to practically any area of the body with wrinkles, discolouration, or acne scarring.

Acne scars are the result of blemishes that have become inflammatory due to skin pores that are overflowing with bacteria, extra oil, and dead skin cells. The wall of the follicle breaks as a result of the pore swelling.
The outer layer of our skin eventually begins to show signs of wear and tear as we age and as our facial muscles naturally move. By removing the skin’s damaged outer layers, you can help in restoring a more young and attractive complexion.

Enhance Your skin’s Collagen Production Process to Regain A More Youthful Appearance!

Enhance Your skin’s Collagen Production Process to Regain A More Youthful Appearance!

How Fractora™ RF Microneedling Works

Fractora Microneedling uses cutting-edge radiofrequency (RF) technology to reduce acne and acne scars, lessen obvious ageing indicators, and enhance skin tone and texture. Through a number of tiny micro-lesion dots spread across the treatment region, Fractora transmits RF heat energy to the skin.

A more youthful appearance results from the mild heat’s promotion of collagen repair beneath the skin’s surface. It has been scientifically demonstrated that the minimally invasive process reduces the appearance of skin wrinkles. The skin is rejuvenated and healed with the help of the microneedles, producing lovely results. Experience the skin of your dreams with Fractora Microneedling!

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Monthly payments available on all treatments and packages of $1000+

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Exfoliation
  • Collagen remodeling
  • Hydration
  • Tone and texture improvement
For increased patient comfort, a numbing lotion will be given to the skin before to the treatment. Most people find the sensation to be fairly bearable as the needles target the skin and give energy.

When the treatment is finished, the skin may look and feel similar to a sunburn. You can expect 3–7 days of down time as the skin resurfaces with younger, healthier skin cells.

The majority of patients who come to our office are good candidates for procedures like skin resurfacing with Fractora. We urge both new and returning patients to get in touch with our staff to arrange a consultation session and an initial evaluation so that they may learn more about this and the other skin rejuvenation procedures we offer.

In the 48 hours after your treatment, your skin may be red, and for a week following treatment, it might feel dry. The majority of patients normally tolerate this well. You can wear makeup 1-2 days after your therapy.

In order to avoid future wrinkles and skin cancer, patients should continue to wear sunscreen following treatment and moisturize the treated area.

Experience the future of skin rejuvenation with Fractora Microneedling RF at Vanguard Aesthetic Clinic. Click here or call (403) 250-9509 to schedule a complimentary aesthetic consultation.

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Client Testimonials

Kirsten Mitchell
May 2, 2023
Dr. Kennedy did my IUD, she is absolutely amazing and so respectful.
Taylor Smart
January 9, 2023
Just had my first appointment and I was blown away. Everyone was so fantastic and Dr. Nkole was Incredible. Other doctors have pushed my request cause of my age and he requested the tests I wanted without question. I am so relieved and beyond thankful. Honestly, I can’t imagine being a health care worker in this time and everyone was so caring. Thank you for your continued care.
November 3, 2022
By far the best clinic in calgary:) i love all the staff here
Naman S
December 27, 2021
Honestly, if I could give a hundred stars, I totally would for Dr. Christopher Greene. He was super friendly, empathetic and wise in regards to my little skin issue which got resolved in less than 2 weeks. I now got one less problem because of Dr. Greene. Highly recommended!
November 22, 2021
Had a great experience with Dr Hunter who answered all my questions and provided me with results! Also, front desk was amazing and very easy to get a hold of! Thank you!
June 10, 2021
The doctor was very informative.

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