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Elevate your beauty with our premier lip filler treatments, skillfully administered by our experts at Vanguard Aesthetic Clinic in Calgary. Discover the secret to achieving plump, perfectly defined lips that exude youthful allure.

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Who Gets Lip Fillers?

Opting for lip fillers is a deeply personal choice, and embracing your desires for your body can be a source of empowerment.

Individuals seeking lip fillers often aim to enhance their lip size for many reasons including:

Your lips may become smaller or thinner as you get older, your philtrum (the groove between your upper lip and septum) may become longer and flatter, and the distance between the corners of your mouth (intercommissural distance) may increase.
Lips of varying sizes or forms are prevalent (asymmetrical).
When you grin or laugh, wrinkles on the sides of your mouth can form.
Lip fillers can help boost your self-esteem and body image.
who gets lip fillers

Unlock the Beauty of Fuller, More Alluring Lips Today!

Unlock the Beauty of Fuller, More Alluring Lips Today!

What are Dermal Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers, also known as dermal lip fillers, lip augmentation, or lip injections are a non-surgical cosmetic procedure in which a specialized injectable substance, typically hyaluronic acid, is used to enhance the size, shape, and volume of the lips, providing a fuller and more youthful appearance.

This quick and minimally invasive treatment is popular for achieving plump and well-defined lips, with results that can last several months. There are many different brands of lip fillers including Juvéderm®.

Juvéderm® is our most popular dermal fillers. It converts hyaluronic acid from an acid to a gel, which allows it to persist much longer after injection. The effects, which are commonly obtained with a single treatment, can last for up to one year. This is influenced by your skin’s natural tone and condition, as well as lifestyle factors like as whether or not you smoke. You may require further touch-ups to guarantee you achieve your desired result.

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Monthly payments available on all treatments and packages of $1000+

Frequently Asked Questions

Our bodies undergo various changes as we age, and your face is no exception. Deep fat pads and bone structures that support the face start to shrivel and flatten. Lips will lose collagen, resulting in a loss of firmness, thickness, and volume.

Lip filler treatments are overseen by a skilled injection specialist to ensure your safety and comfort. After cleaning the treatment regions, the injections are administered.

Avoid aspirin, smoking, and alcohol for one week before your treatment. This will help to decrease swelling and the possibility of bruising. However, if you do form a bruise, you should be able to cover it up with makeup.

Some minor side effects of lip injections include swelling, itching, bruising, and slight pain. Conditions should clear up within two weeks (typically within the first few days).

We recommend you to avoid intense activities, avoid sleeping on the injection site, and relax with your head raised immediately after the treatment.

Dermal injections do not need significant downtime. We encourage you to return to work and normal everyday activities once your symptoms have subsided.

Are you ready to transform your lips and boost your confidence? Look no further than Vanguard Aesthetic Clinic – Calgary’s premier destination for stunning lip fillers!

Our expert team of skilled professionals is here to make your lip dreams a reality. Whether you desire fuller, more defined lips or subtle enhancements, we’ve got you covered with the latest, safest, and most innovative techniques in lip augmentation.

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Client Testimonials

Kirsten Mitchell
May 2, 2023
Dr. Kennedy did my IUD, she is absolutely amazing and so respectful.
Taylor Smart
January 9, 2023
Just had my first appointment and I was blown away. Everyone was so fantastic and Dr. Nkole was Incredible. Other doctors have pushed my request cause of my age and he requested the tests I wanted without question. I am so relieved and beyond thankful. Honestly, I can’t imagine being a health care worker in this time and everyone was so caring. Thank you for your continued care.
November 3, 2022
By far the best clinic in calgary:) i love all the staff here
Naman S
December 27, 2021
Honestly, if I could give a hundred stars, I totally would for Dr. Christopher Greene. He was super friendly, empathetic and wise in regards to my little skin issue which got resolved in less than 2 weeks. I now got one less problem because of Dr. Greene. Highly recommended!
November 22, 2021
Had a great experience with Dr Hunter who answered all my questions and provided me with results! Also, front desk was amazing and very easy to get a hold of! Thank you!
June 10, 2021
The doctor was very informative.

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