Botox, or botulinum toxin type A, is an injectable medication that induces temporary muscular weakening and contraction. It is one of the most common nonsurgical cosmetic surgeries performed worldwide today. Botox works so well because it interrupts the nerve impulses that cause muscles to contract. This smoothes the creases and wrinkles on your body caused by repeated face motions. Furthermore, this treatment is amazing because it only takes a couple of minutes to complete and the results will kick in only a few days. There are certain injection sites that assist Botox in doing its job more effectively. Regardless, this medicinal injection has aided a variety of people who desired a variety of outcomes. With that being said, here are some of the most common areas that are treated by Botox.

Forehead Wrinkles

The appearance of forehead wrinkles is regarded as one of the first symptoms of aging among the general public. Forehead wrinkles are the horizontal lines on the top of your face that move with your facial expressions, like raising your eyebrows or scrunching them down. These wrinkles are one of the more apparent ones that can be tough to conceal. Regardless of that, this area can be easily and efficiently treated with Botox. It is known that Botox can be very effective when curing forehead wrinkles, which is why it is so common that people want to treat that area first before any other.

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s Feet are the little lines that extend from the corners of your eyes when you grin or laugh. Crow’s Feet is very common to get over time because they form when you squint and such, which often happens when doing virtually any facial expression. Most people, if not all, are not amused or flattered by their crow’s feet because these wrinkles might reveal their increasing age. When people find themselves disliking these small lines, they tend to steer towards using Botox injections. This cosmetic treatment is frequently used in this situation because it smooths these wrinkles out and provides a more youthful appearance to the patient.

Smoker’s Lines

Although it says it in the title, you do not have to smoke in order to get smoker’s lines, anyone can inherit these wrinkles over the course of their life. If you are wondering what smoker’s lines are, these wrinkles are the ones that appear around your lips and the surrounding skin. Oftentimes, these lines appear when you purse your lips, hence the name, Smoker’s Lines. This area can be easily treated with a small amount of Botox in the hands of any experienced doctor. It is important that you find a doctor that you not only trust, but who also has expertise in dealing with smoker’s lines because if this treatment is done wrong, it can lead to problems with your lips.

Frown Lines

Frown lines tend to appear between your brows. These wrinkles occur when you frown or furrow your brow. Not only do frown lines tend to show people’s increasing age, but it can also make them seem exhausted, irritated, or unhappy, which is not something you would want when talking to peers or enjoying an outing. Most people tend to use Botox injections as their go to solution. Botox has been demonstrated to diminish the depth and smooth out these wrinkles. So, with that proof, many customers day by day, across the world want to be treated with Botox.

Neck Bands or Cords

As you become older, you could notice bands or cords visible in your neck. Neck bands are horizontal lines which traverse the front neck and this happens when the platysma muscles sag. By injecting Botox into these muscles and treating them, they will relax and the noticeable bands or cords will become less apparent. This treatment can also relax the muscles at the jawline, resulting in a neck lift that patients also tend to get. Remember that Botox will not work on extra neck fat or loose skin. So if you are planning to use Botox for that, it may be best to scout the internet and look for another option.

Botox injections are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments around the world and for good reason. They bring a number of benefits to the table, like smoothing out patients’ unwanted wrinkles, making their increasing age less apparent and help fix any sagging skin around various parts of the body. Not only does Botox injections do their job effectively, but they are also harm-free and quick to complete. Usually, an appointment would only take a couple of minutes and the results will start to take their effect in only a couple of days. If you are looking into investing in Botox, some of the more common areas to treat with these injections are forehead wrinkles which are around the forehead, crow’s feet which are around the eyes, smoker’s line which are around the mouth, frown lines which are around the eyebrows and neck bands or cords which are around the front of the neck. If you have any of these and want to get them treated, talk to your local and trusted doctor today to get it all sorted out.